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SUPERCAPACITORS: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2020-2025 ISBN #:0-929717-60-0 (2020)

CARY NC USA- Paumanok Publications, Inc. announces the release of its 228 page global market report on the state and future outlook for supercapacitors.  The study addresses electric double layer carbon, lithium-ion, polyacene and other mixed metal oxide supercapacitor markets for FY 2020 with detailed forecasts to 2025.  Paumanok Publications, Inc. the Big Data company focused on global capacitor markets for 30 years offers its global assessment of the market developments in FY 2019 and FY 2020 and the expected shift in markets in FY 2021 with forecasts to FY 2025. The study is broken into ten main chapters and a producer profile section.  The chapters include an introduction, a technology overview, an executive summary, a global market overview for capacitors and supercapacitors, a breakdown of the supercapacitor market by component type and configuration;  a detailed  chapter on end-use market segments for supercapacitors (key verticals); a detailed country by country analysis for supercapacitor consumption in Asia, Europe and the Americas; a detailed competitive analysis and market share intelligence by vendor for more than 40 companies; a detailed analysis of the global market for activated carbon powder and cloth; a detailed five year forecast by end-use market segment; world region and supercapacitor type and configuration.

Paumanok has conducted multi-client, single client and custom consulting research on electric double layer carbon supercapacitors, and mixed metal oxide supercapacitors since 1993 and lithium-ion and polyacene capacitors since 2000. Our intelligent gathering capabilities include the following resources; prior supercapacitor studies published in 1993, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2013, 2016; The CARTS Marketing and Technology Seminars we participated in- presentations for those events in the United States, Europe and China on supercapacitor materials and components; and includes intelligence gathered from primary interviews conducted at CARTS, ECA, ECIA, EDS, MITI, KAIST events as well as the Paumanok presentation at China’s premier passive component and materials conference PCI Shenzhen and multiple presentations at the Florida Atlantic University’s EDLC Capacitor Conference. Forecasts to FY 2025. One To Four Person User License: $3,750.00 USD; Site License- Please Contact – 228 Pages, 57 Charts and Graphs.  Paumanok will also be releasing its multi-client slide presentation in the same subject and on the Gumroad subscription website.

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