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Paumanok Receives Back-To-Back Due Diligence Contracts for Ecosystem M&A

(Cary NC USA) Paumanok IMR has engaged with two clients for due diligence services in mergers & acquisitions in the fourth quarter of 2021.  Both contracts, signed "Back-To-Back" Oct 1, 2021, will be completed by the end of the December 2021 fiscal quarter.  The first contract, out of Asia; involves a deep dive analysis into the tantalum component and materials supply chain; and the second; originating in the domestic USA; involves a deep dive analysis into the unique relationships between “value-added and application specific” capacitor, resistor, inductor and circuit protection components.

Paumanok IMR is an advanced research company that studies and models complex “Ecosystems” in 54 types of electronic component- from mine to manufacturing and has engaged in Ecosystem supply chain development for a global customer base for 35 years.  For further information contact

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