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Paumanok Publishes "NTC Thermistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2021-2026 ISBN # 1-893211-22-3 (NTC 2021)"

Paumanok Publications, Inc. has published its 2021 study on NTC Thermistor markets, technologies and opportunities. Because of the "dual use "of NTC type thermistors as temperature sensors and circuit protection devices the component has found itself in significant demand in Fiscal Year 2022 (The year ending March 2022) with consumption in key end markets experiencing significant global market expansion year-on-year in automotive, home appliance, telecom infrastructure, medical and oil & gas end markets.

NTC Thermistor Products Covered-

The following NTC Thermistor product configurations are discussed in this report-

• NTC Thermistor Radial Leaded, Glass Encapsulated

• NTC Thermistor Radial Leaded, Epoxy Encapsulated

• NTC Thermistor Radial Leaded, Inrush Current Limiting

• NTC Thermistor Radial Leaded, Thin Film Design

• NTC Thermistor Radial Leaded, Commodity Disc

• NTC Thermistor Axial Leaded, Glass Encapsulated

• NTC SMD Surface Mount Chip Thermistors in Ultra-Small to Large EIA Case Sizes, such as NTC Thermistor Chip (Multilayered)

• NTC Thermistor MELF Designs

• NTC Thermistor Leadless Naked Chip

• NTC Thermistor Leadless Discs

• NTC Thermistor Probe Assemblies

NTC Thermistor End-Markets Covered:

The study also looks at the conversion of NTC thermistor components into probe assemblies and related markets in automotive, home appliance and specialty End-Use market segments.

NTC Thermistor Markets In Automotive Electronics: 2021-2026

The study takes a detailed look at applications and end-markets for NTC thermistors in various automotive sub-assemblies including under-the-hood and beyond the firewall environments for temperature sensing and compensation.

NTC Thermistor Markets in Home Appliances: 2021-2026

The study also looks at the large and small home appliance business segment for NTC thermistors, including key sensing and compensation market applications in refrigerators and air conditioners as well as other large and small home appliances.

NTC Thermistor Markets In Digital Electronics: 2021-2026

This part of the study focuses on inrush current limiting applications for NTC thermistors (chip and disc) in power supplies. Power supplies are further consumed in computers, TV sets, lighting ballasts, DC Motors and IOT and 5G telecommunications infrastructure devices.

NTC Thermistor Markets for High Reliability: 2021-2026

The study also focuses on thermistor markets in industrial, defense, space, medical, renewable and oil & gas electronics markets and focuses specifically on emerging opportunities for thermal sensing of battery electric systems.

NTC Thermistor Markets and Competition By Technology:

The “Competition by Technology” segment of the report analyzes competition among the top 20 NTC thermistor vendors based upon NTC thermistor sub-type and component configuration, NTC chip case size, and competition by end-use product market segment.

NTC Thermistor Vendor and Distributor Relationships:

This section of the report notes the product lines for NTC thermistor Iine cards for the world’s top electronic component distributors. The study compares and contrasts the differences between major and specialty distributors and how they market NTC thermistors.

NTC Thermistor Vendor Market Shares:

The study shows global sales and market share for NTC thermistor Vendors.

The forecast segment offers estimated for consumption of NTC thermistors between 2021 and 2026 in terms of value, volume and pricing as well as demand by world region and end-use market segment to 2026. 190 Pages; Published August 2021; Price: $2500.00 USD

ABOUT NTC THERMISTORS- NTC thermistors demonstrate a decrease in resistance when subjected to an increase in temperature. This makes them unique in their functionality compared to other electronic components. It also makes them unique in their exposure to specific end-markets such as automotive and home appliance market segments. This study addresses the global market for NTC thermistors by type, configuration, application, world region, competition, and contains forecasts to 2021. pandemic and global recovery.



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