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Paumanok Publishes Circuit Protection Components: World Market Outlook: 2020-2025

(Durham, NC USA) Paumanok Publications, Inc. has published "Circuit Protection Components: World Market Outlook: 2020-2025," which covers 6 Technologies; Including MOV, PTC, NTC; TVS, GDT and Fuse; and 20 component configurations for overcurrent and overvoltage protection at the point of demarcation in multiple end-use product markets worldwide. This global market research report addresses the global market value and volume of consumption for electrical and electronic circuit protection components consumed on printed circuit boards for both overvoltage and overcurrent protection in the wake of the impact of the global pandemic on the industry and supply chain for 2020, and its impact on the markets through 2025. The study includes detailed analysis in dedicated chapters on each of the key circuit protection components including metal oxide varistors, zener diodes, silicon avalanche diodes, thyristors, gas discharge tubes, fuses, PTC thermistors, and NTC thermistors. The report includes global value and volume of consumption for circuit protection components by type; world region, and end-use market segment, as well as historical average unit selling price trends by component type from 1993-2020 and forecasts to 2025. The study gives a detailed analysis for each type of component included in the study including historical value and volume of consumption and average unit pricing back to 2003 through 2020; with detailed value, volume and pricing forecasts through 2025.

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