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High-Temperature MLCC: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2021-2026

Paumanok IMR has published “High-Temperature MLCC: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2021-2026” which analyzes the global markets for high temperature multi-layered ceramic chip capacitors in high temperature markets for applications above 170 degrees Celcius. Paumanok has reviewed the market in 2005, 2012 and 2016 and this new report updates these key data points with respect to the global market for these high-reliability ceramic dielectric capacitors in defense, space, oilwell and geothermal markets.  The 108 page study was published in December 2021 and contains 30 key tables and graphs and addresses the entire ecosystem for high-temperature MLCC products, where technology and reliability are more important than price; and where profitability is at its zenith.  The study includes key sections on the high temperature ecosystem including ceramic dielectric materials in Class I and II modifications; precious metal electrodes and derivative terminations; the fragmented supply chain of manufacturers globally; the channels of distribution and the complete mapping of customers for demanding applications. The study addresses the impact of the global pandemic on market verticals, changes in the supply chain due to M&A activity since the last report on the subject; competition with plastics, tantalum and mica dielectrics; developments in COG ceramics, and polymer composites that may impact this supply chain, detailed market shares, product offerings by vendor and forecasts to 2026. For a complete table of contents and sample pages, please download here

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High Temperature MLCC Markets 2021


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