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DEEP DIVE: Conductive Polymer Capacitors: World Markets: Technologies & Opportunities: 2021-2026 ISBN # 1-893-211-88-6 (2021).

Paumanok Publications, Inc. has published a global market and technology study on "Conductive Polymer Capacitors."

SCOPE OF REPORT COVERAGE-This study covers the global market for conductive polymer capacitors, including solid polymer and liquid + polymer designs in tantalum and aluminum dielectrics.

The following Chapters are included in the report-

• Technology

• Products

• Markets

• Regions

• End-Markets

• Materials

• Market Shares

• Forecasts

• Company Profiles

TECHNOLOGY-The study includes global demand for conductive polymer capacitors in terms of volume and value by dielectric, type, world region, and end-use market segment. Also included is a competitive analysis and market share data by conductive polymer type and vendor. The fundamental similarities between the types and sub-types of conductive polymer capacitors include safety of performance and low equivalent series resistance. Other key technology sub-sets impacting value include case size/volumetric efficiency, component height, operating voltage, operating temperature, parallel and series placement in circuits and overall cost of customer ownership.


This report is time sensitive as it documents and forecasts the coming changes in the conductive polymer capacitor market and how these devices will become increasingly more standardized for general-purpose applications in circuits requiring safety and low ESR.

The study offers a detailed competitive analysis of conductive polymer capacitors and vendors by type-

• Polymer Tantalum Capacitors

• Polymer Aluminum Capacitors

GLOBAL MARKETS-Conductive Polymer Capacitor Consumption

• Polymer Tantalum and Polymer Aluminum Value

• Polymer Tantalum and Polymer Aluminum Volume

• Polymer Tantalum and Polymer Aluminum Pricing

REGIONAL MARKETS-Conductive Polymer Capacitor Consumption Value By World Region-

• China

• Americas

• Europe

• Japan

• SE Asia

END-MARKETS-Conductive Polymer Capacitor Consumption By End-Use Market Segment

• Computers

• Automotive

• Industrial

• Wireless

• Telecom Infrastructure

• Consumer AV

• Medical

• Aerospace

• Other

POLYMER CAPACITOR DIFFERENTIATION- Vendors By Performance Characteristic- Top 20 Vendors of Conductive Polymer Capacitors- Cross- Reference of Capabilities

By Configuration

• Molded Horizontal Chip

• Vertical Chip

• Radial Leaded

By Performance

• Voltage Range

• Capacitance Value

• Equivalent Series Resistance

• Operating Temperature

• Ripple Current

• Maximum Height

• AECQ Certification

• Cost of Ownership


Conductive polymers discussed in this report include

• Polythiophene,

• Polyppyrole and

• Polyaniline

Employed as cathode materials through dipping or pressurization.

PRODUCER PROFILES- Data on 35 suppliers of conductive polymer capacitors and materials.

FORECASTS 2021-2026: Solid polymer versions of these devices that employ a conductive polymer will continue to displace older technologies such as manganese nitrate (Ta205) and liquid electrolytes (Al203).

Forecasts in terms of value, volume and pricing by conductive polymer type and configuration to 2026 are also given with focus placed on solid polymer capacitors consumed in battery electric vehicle propulsion for charger, inverter, converter and battery management system.




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