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DEEP DIVE: Conductive Polymer Capacitors: World Markets: Technologies & Opportunities: 2021-2026 ISBN # 1-893-211-88-6 (2021).

Paumanok IMR Presentation: Mapping The Complex Tantalum Ecosystem

Plastic Film Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2023-2028 ISBN# 0-929717-87-2 (2023)

Paumanok Founder Appears on TTI Marketeye Podcast Covering Passive Electronic Components and Materials

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Forecasts: 2023-2028 ISBN # 1-893211-11-8 (2023)

Passive Components in Oil & Gas Electronics: World Markets, Technologies and Opportunities: 2023-2028 SBN: 1-89-3211-38-X (OILGAS2023).

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