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Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2022-2027 ISBN # 0-929717-02-3 (2022)

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Paumanok Publications Industrial Market Research (IMR HQ- Saxapahaw NC USA) has released the 2022 version of “Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2022-2027 ISBN # 0-929717-02-3 (2022).” 

This global market research study study which has been continuously published and updated over the past 35 years employs an advanced research methodology designed by Paumanok founder Dennis M. Zogbi, and continually applied to create a unique data-set that chronicles all the key fundamentals of the global capacitor industry.

The study begins with a complete technology and market assessment of capacitor dielectrics by type including

·       MLCC Ceramic,

·       Aluminum Electrolytic

·       Plastic Film,

·       Tantalum and

·       Carbon dielectric capacitors,

And addresses the key problem of raw material supply issues for FY 2022 and 2023 impacting

·       Dielectric Powders, Pastes, Films and Foils

·       Electrode Metal Powders and Pastes

·       Termination Powders and Pastes

Capacitor markets and technologies are studies by configuration and performance characteristic; with a complete assessment of the global value, volume and pricing for FY 2022 with forecasts for consumption by capacitor type/dielectric to 2027. 

The study addresses the significant changes in 29 categories of capacitor by type and configuration with respect to lead times by month from June 2013 to June 2022 (BaTi02 MLCC, manganese and polymer Ta205, Al203, OPP, PET).

The study also discusses the global market for capacitors by type and consumption by world region and key country of consumption with near term forecasts for year-end FY 2023 and long-term forecasts to 2027. 

The study also addresses the global capacitor market by end-use market segment with detailed near term and long-term forecasts for capacitor consumption in the telecommunications, computer, consumer AV, automotive, power & industrial and specialty end-use market segments based upon solid production numbers for black box items containing high volumes of capacitors for bypass, decoupling, filtering, snubber and pulse discharge circuit applications.

The study also offers detailed market share data by vendor in each capacitor type and sub-category updated for FY 2022- Market share data by manufacturer is given in MLCC (Ceramic Capacitors); Tantalum capacitors, Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Plastic film capacitors, Carbon capacitors and also information on these vendors who excel at emerging capacitor technologies.

Paumanok Forecasting- Capacitor Markets by Dielectric To 2027-

The study makes detailed forecasts using 35 years of “Big Data” Capacitor sets to model the forecasted changes over the next five years. Big data sets are employed here for the edification of the reader- with long historical analysis that can only come from the focused and dedicated research in the worldwide 8532 HTS Codes for CAPACITORS for 35 years. Paumanok is an advanced primary market research firm and employs both Delphi and Box-Jenkins forecasting methodology to make detailed value, volume and pricing; end-market and regional forecasts for each year- 2022, 2023, 2024 2025, 2026 and 2027 and for each dielectric.

This study also contains Paumanok's complete database of capacitor manufacturers worldwide with profiles of more than 100 manufacturers of ceramic, aluminum, plastic, tantalum and carbon capacitors.

Published: July 2022; Pages: 390 with 56 Tables and Graphs; Price: $3,750.00 USD - ISBN # 0-929717-02-3 (2022).


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Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2022-2027 ISBN # 0-929717-02-3 (2022)

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