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Electronic Component Raw Material Supply Chain Update: December 2022 Quarterly Update

  • Electronic Component Raw Material Supply Chain Update
  • Feedstock for Dielectrics, Electrodes, Terminations, Lead Frames and Lead Wire:
  • December 2022 Quarterly Update
  • Paumanok Publications, Inc.
  • SAXAPAHAW, NC 27340
  • (919) 468-0384
  • Analyst: Dennis M. Zogbi
  • CRL Update
  • 33 Slides
  • This report is an update to these Paumanok IMR Studies
  • Paumanok is a focused market research company that covers the global markets for capacitors, resistors, inductors and circuit protection devices,  This includes raw material usage and supply, manufacturing, distribution and consumption of these components.
  • This report is part of our monthly subscription series which updates the global passive electronic component industry for select clients in finance, government and trade.


This quarterly report updates the price for cornerstone key raw materials consumed in the production of capacitors, resistors and inductors. Since raw materials are a large percentage of the variable cost to produce passive electronic components, ecosystem pricing is sensitive to changes in raw material pricing. This report illustrates 120 months of continuous price data for keystone materials including nickel, copper, palladium, silver; aluminum, tantalum, zinc and ruthenium. This is the ongoing research and development by Paumanok IMR into the ecosystems for dielectrics, electrodes, terminations, lead frames and lead wires. This research is a supplement to the following studies and we encourage the reader to purchase the study before buying the update. 

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The 33 Slide Presentation Updating the Global Markets for Raw Materials

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Electronic Component Raw Material Supply Chain Update: December 2022 Quarterly Update