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MLCC Industrial Blockchain Membership


Paumanok MLCC Industrial Blockchain Project Membership


Value Proposition-


The Paumanok MLCC Industrial Blockchain Project centralized data platform that monitors all global aspects of a supply chain that delivers a single source of truth supported through provenance and established utility of the resources.  In this instance (8532 2.4) Complete MLCC supply chain visibility predicts disruptions and allows for maximum asset productivity and throughput of manufacturing from ore to material to component to board and into recycling for an evolving ecosystem.


The mixed reality solutions of a blockchain connected system allows for simulated modelling of mining and manufacturing environments for alignment with corporate ethics and governance- as well as pathways to create streamlined “Closed Loop” transaction systems through smart contracts and smart wallets of the future to ensure ESG Compliance and Green Bond investments.

Industry 4.0-


The foundation of Industry 4.0 is a belief that investors will chose to purchase the financial instruments of manufacturers in the supply chain who comply with established goals known as ESG- Ethics, Sustainability and Governance.


Corporate Compliance with Ethics, Sustainability and Governance-


The European Union plans to invest in manufacturers who comply with the Paris Agreement using Green Bond Initiative.


Aligning Microelectronics to The Paris Agreement-


The supply of energy is the greatest contributor to global carbon emissions.


Green Bonds and Global Trends in Investing-


The EU will apply Green Bonds as incentives and governments believe that given the chance that investors will purchase the stocks and financial instruments of manufacturers who follow strict ethical, sustainability and governance guidelines.


Linking Green Bond Investment To Taxonomy-


Global taxonomy for goods and services is considered inadequate and expanding upon and identifying the multiple levels of impact is considered a first step in providing visibility and transparency to supply chains worldwide.  The Paumanok Industrial Blockchain Project offers a hyper-sensitive view of an important taxonomy.


Why Electrical and Electronic Components Matter


Paumanok has begun to build this platform based upon global trade of electronic components.  Capacitors and resistors are produced in such massive quantities to support all electronic products worldwide.  The Multilayered Ceramic Chip Capacitor represents 4.4 trillion production starts involving ceramics and metals that must be mined and processed.  The MLCC is an enabling product in a circuit and no electronic system can operate without bypass, decoupling and filtering in all handsets, automobiles, computers, TV Sets and all printed circuit boards built everywhere on Earth.


DNSH- Do No Serious Harm-


The clear message of investors worldwide is to be mindful of Ethics, Sustainability and Governance of the Corporation.  The investors prefer that the corporations they invest in “Do No Serious Harm,” and cannot be associated with pollution of air and water or endangering species or funding civil war.


Aggregating and Expanding Taxonomy-


The taxonomy associated with industrial trade includes HTS, GIS, SIC, NACE and many additional classifications.  Paumanok builds upon the Harmonized Tarrif Schedule (HTS) as it ties the trade of countries together and the codes are recognizable across borders most readily.  The GIS, is a Global Industrial Classification effort is similar to the European NACE Industrial Classification System.  The NACE is the framework for the new European Taxonomy. 


Blockchain for Transparency and Visibility-


Paumanok uses the HTS framework for guidance, but must create a realistic taxonomy between mining, engineering of materials, component manufacturing and consumption (The Interactive Hypergraph) for an accurate model that can be adjusted for satisfying ethics, sustainability and governance of corporations, and align those corporations to the Paris Agreement for Green Bond Investment opportunities..


8532.24 MLCC Capacitors Project-


The Multilayered Ceramic Chip Capacitor represents 4.4 trillion production starts involving ceramics and metals that must be mined and processed.  The MLCC is an enabling product in a circuit and no electronic system can operate without bypass, decoupling and filtering in all handsets, automobiles, computers, TV Sets and all printed circuit boards built everywhere on Earth.


Proof of Stake-


This term is used in the Blockchain to establish that miners, engineering firms, component manufactyurers and printed circuit board aggregators are engaged in a competitive supply chain that competes with other ecosystems for consumption.  Paumanok uses its proivenance and 33 years of research studies in the Global Capacitor Industry as “Proof of Stake,” in the supply chain for each level described in ore mining, materials processing, component manufacturing and consumption.


Proof of Work-


The Proof of Work feature will be applied to the “Closed Loop” system envisioned for this supply chain, whereby transactions through smart wallets will move products along without the need for invoicing.  The Smart Wallet feature through MetaMask® will allow for the release of currency once “Proof of Work” is established as dictated by the smart contract. 


Paumanok envisions Industry 4.0 as a way to engineer blockchains to ensure investor Ethics, Supply Chain Sustainability and apply Corporate Governance to all aspects of trade through transactions. 


Provenance of Data-


Paumanok has focused on mass produced passive electronic components in the 8532 and 8533 HTS Codes since 1988.  This segment represents the largest number of pieces of any part produced on Earth.  The emphasis is on MLCC, but all other component groupings in the 8532 and 8533 segment have production starts in units that exceed or rival semiconductors.  Paumanok research shows that every printed circuit board contains 93% passive electronic components and 7% active electronic components.  These parts are fundamental to electronic circuitry. The large number of pieces impact multiple supply chains and its mapping and modeling as shown here will provc pivotal in apply investor Ethics, Sustainability and Governance.


Paumanok research demonstrates the complete supply chain for each part and monitors all phases of the hypergraphic blockchain for alignment to the Paris Agreement for Green Bond Investing and for other financial, technical and sustainability modelling.


Utility of Data-


Over thirty years Paumanok has stayed focused on both the digital economy and the trade within the 8532 and 8533 Harmonized tariff Schedule for passive electronic components and materials, carrying deep brand awareness in the 54 component Ecosystems in capacitors, resistors and inductors and produced more than 300 deep dive research analysis that have been sold in printed format (1988-1993) and Digital Format (1988-2022).  All Paumanok research has been conducted using a combination of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.  The 33 years consistency of our commitment to Microsoft and the creation of digital assets is paying off in the advent of Industry 4.0 which requires transparency through advanced taxonomy. Paumanok experience in linking ores, engineered materials, component manufacturing and consumption in multiple products, as well as enhancing those capabilities to include high reliabiliuty and sensitive compomnent variations; technical innovation (DO NOT DERAIL TECHNOLOGY), and ESG innovation (DON NO SERIOUS HARM) will be useful tools for the next industrial revolution.


Digital Modelling-


The VR Aspects of Varjo Headsets make it possible to employ digital twins in the blockchains of the future, but before that, the development of “Closed Loop Systems,” will work to ensure DNSH guidance from investors.  Followed by the development of digital modelling that envisions reqarding parts of the supply chain that move to adjust their carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.  Such models will replace Class 7 and 8 Mining Trucks with EVx and PHEV variables; followed by adjusting processing facilities for engineered materials; as well as stacking, winding, furnace and termination operations.  This type of Blockchain can be implemented today with existing technology.  We are going to make a change. 


Subscribe to This Project-


Paumanok has been a pioneer in engineering industrial blockchains in the capacitor, resistor, inductor and circuit protection industries covered under the 8532 and 8533 International Harmonized Tariff Schedule, which has served us well over the past 33 years in globalizing the high-tech economy. 


Paumanok has three tiered brand recognition as a result among all manufacturers including- mining of ores, engineering of metals, ceramics and plastics; winding, stacking, screen printing, and porous anode materials processing; component sintering and termination; and their pick and place on OEM and EMS factory locations through and into all end-markets (Handsets, computers, automobiles, TV sets, Home Theatre, Industrial Electronics, Defense Electronics, Space Electronics, MedTech, and Oil & Gas Electronics).


The current project can be subscribed to and offers the reader complete access ot all studies in the Blockchain as well as monthly updates for one year. 


License This Template-


Licensing this specific model for use internally on an enterprise wide solution is available from dmz@paumanokgroup.com.


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Terms & Conditions of Membership in the Paumanok MLCC Industrial Blockchain

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Key Benefits:

  • Users can access high-quality reports at a fraction of the cost of "Conventional Licenses".
  • "Online Membership Access License" is based on the "PAY-AS-YOU-USE" model; wherein, users pay ONLY for the content accessed by them. In this case, the MLCC Data in the Paumanok archives as indicated.
  • Users can access reports anytime, anywhere without the need to carry physical copies or external storage devices.
  • "Membership” is the most economical means of getting deep insights and forecasts of any market.
  • Time-based subscription enables users to optimally plan their suitability and requirement.
  • Invest in Paumanok IMR 
  • Paumanok Publications, Inc. is a private company that is open to investment and further capitalization to apply Blockchain engineering to other electronic components; and to develop it as a broader FINTECH tool. Blockchain As a Service- Paumanok Value Proposition Paumanok has experience applying blockchain as a service for trade, ethics, sustainability and governance. Multi-tiered Visibility- Power In The Group: The visibility of ore mining, materials processing, component manufacturing and board assembly creates visibility and transparency.  No longer will customers point their way down the supply chain blaming unseen tiers for shortages.  No longer will customers say “They didn’t realize it was for us.” No longer will ethics, sustainability and governance be left to chance, but will be harnessed toward investor expectations. Revolving EcoSystems: Urban mining is encouraged to recoup palladium, ruthenium, silver and tantalum using the Paumanok Blockchain Template. About Paumanok IMR Founded in 1988, Paumanok Publications, Inc. Industrial Market Research had published 300 deep dive market research studies in the areas of electronic components and materials between 1988 and 2022.  Paumanok studies are used for their utility in establishing market sizes and evaluating new component, dielectric, anode, cathode, electrode and termination technology.  Paumanok studies are used for establishing supply chain efficiency, ethics, sustainability and governance.  Paumanok customers are located in Japan, China, USA, Germany, Korea, France, Italy, UK and Norway..
  • For investment contact dmz@paumanokgroup.com
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  • Access To All MLCC Related Reports and Monthly Updates

  • Access To All MLCC Related Reports and Monthly Updates
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