INFRASTRUCTURE: Motor Run and Motor Start Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2021-2026 DEEP DIVE ANALYSIS- ISBN # 0-929717-87-2 (MRMSCAP2021)

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INFRASTRUCTURE: Motor Run and Motor Start Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2021-2026 DEEP DIVE ANALYSIS- ISBN # 0-929717-87-2 (MRMSCAP2021)


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About The Report

INFRASTRUCTURE: (Cary NC USA) Paumanok announces the publication of "Motor Run and Motor Start Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2021-2026."

This study forecasts the market value, volume and pricing for motor run and motor start capacitors between 2021 and 2026 amidst a new and unexpected upturn in demand to satisfy a new “Stay-At-Home” global economy. The study breaks out the value and volume of motor run capacitors by type, including round metal case, overall metal case, round plastic case, square plastic box, and radial leaded ultra-small motor run capacitors; and aluminum electrolytic and plastic dielectric motor start capacitors, and the technology and certifications and approvals governing motor capacitors in various regions and countries around the world. The study breaks down competition in motor run capacitors based upon capacitance value, voltage rating, capacitor construction and configuration; type of dielectric, type of dielectric fluid, single verses dual construction, and by AC voltage rating. The study also breaks down the motor start capacitor market by type and configuration, including the competitive environment by capacitance value and voltage rating.

The study also looks at the customer base in permanent split capacitor, fractional horsepower and other single phase motors on a global basis and addresses the turbulent changes in the motor markets now underway. The study looks at the market drivers behind changes in the market driven by new stay at home economy and home it is impacting demand for refrigerator compressor motors, residential air conditioners and pool/spa motors. The study also addresses the supply chain for metallized polypropylene, the primary dielectric consumed in motor run capacitors; and etched anode and cathode “start” foils consumed in motor start capacitors. Market shares for the top producers of motor run and motor start capacitors are estimated, and 30 individual manufacturers of motor run and motor start capacitors are identified around the globe. Forecasts to 2026 are given based upon capacitor type and configuration. A Paumanok Group special report published September 2021.

Scope of Report Coverage:

This study focuses on MOTOR CAPACITORS in various types and configurations, with emphasis upon motor run and motor start capacitors. Motor run capacitors are designed to correct the power factor of permanent split capacitor motors; and motor start capacitors are used to “start” up specific types of fractional horsepower motors. Both types are considered “Large Can Capacitors.”

Research Methodology Employed:

The methodology employed to complete this study combines secondary and primary data sources, including government data; company financial data and primary human intelligence resources to draw conclusions. This is called a “legacy” of data that is designed to make sure that all pieces of the market “puzzle” fit together. Also we have the unique capability to benchmark the markets we study with previous studies under the same title produced in the past two decades. This enables us to establish the “Delphi -Method” which suggests that the trend of sales over time will support a similar rate of growth in the future. We caveat this approach by also employing “Box-Jenkins” methods of market research which adjust forecasts based upon our knowledge of current events and their impact on the supply chain, and how that might impact future forecasts.

For this study Paumanok is employing its deep dive databases on aluminum electrolytic capacitor technology and materials and plastic film capacitor technology and materials. The company uses vendor websites to create complex competitive charts showing depth and breadth of product offering within the narrow area of the “Scope of Coverage.” Motor start capacitor production data is available from certain global governments sources and agencies. Motor run capacitor data is included under certain government data describing AC plastic film capacitors within a specific AC voltage range, as well as additional data sources regarding capacitors for use in 50/60 kilohertz circuits.

Paumanok has studied both plastic film and aluminum dielectrics and we have been promoted by industry vendors to produce this report as an industry courtesy so that a document exists that describes the motor run and motor start capacitor markets because they have similar top end supply chains and manufacturing methods, but the dielectric materials are different.

Please review the table of contents and sample pages to get a complete view of this new and important market study. 112 PAGES, 31 TABLES AND GRAPHS ISBN # 0-929717-87-2 (MRMSCAP2021). $2500.00 USD.

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