February 2022 Monthly Market Research Report on Passive Electronic Components


This is the monthly market research report that updates all 54 component categories Paumanok studies under the Passive Component (Capacitor, Resistor, Inductor and Circuit Protection) categories. Paumanok tracks the raw material feedstocks and finished component markets on a monthly basis. These are all part of our Industrial Blockchain system for the 8532 and 8533 HTS Codes for Capacitors and Resistors in support of accurate taxonomy, ESG Compliance and Green Bond Investing-

Here are the Highlights from February 2022-

•Tensions in Eastern Europe in February 2022 caused prices for MLCC key metals to increase accordingly.  Pricing for nickel and palladium, both MLCC keystone materials, increased and their supply sustainability is in question due to EU Conflict.  MLCC prices, availability and supply chain operation may become volatile in March 2022.

•Aluminum is also affected because of the concentration of smelting operations in Eastern Europe.  The supply of aluminum is important for aluminum capacitors as dielectric anode and cathode foil, and also for resistors for the alumina cores.

•Lead times remained elevated in February 2022, for all capacitors, resistors and inductors.  Products were reacting to tensions in Eastern Europe; and supply chains that were impacted to the unrest, including palladium, nickel and aluminum; and related MLCC, aluminum and resistor product lines.

•Financial reporting from major capacitor manufacturers in February 2022 revealed that demand from handsets and automobiles did not materialize in the December quarter and this negatively impacted sales at Samsung and Taiyo Yuden.

•MLCC, Resistors (All Types), Aluminum Capacitors and some magnetics products in March 2022.

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  • The 31 Page PowerPoint Presentation
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February 2022 Monthly Market Research Report on Passive Electronic Components

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